CO Statewide HMIS Collaborative

Calling for Nominations!

MDHI is requesting nominations for people to sit on a new Colorado Statewide HMIS Collaborative.

The purpose of the Collaborative is to manage the implementation, administration, and maintenance of the statewide Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) database collectively.  The Collaborative strives to identify ways to help the three Colorado CoC and the State of Colorado to record, report on, and improve the provision of housing and services through the statewide HMIS database. The Collaborative will also be the primary HMIS advisory entity for each CoC. The Collaborative will be responsible for developing standard statewide baseline policies and procedures that shall apply to all Colorado CoC to adopt and implement as minimum standards. The full governance framework document outlining the roles and responsibilities of this new body can be found here: CO Statewide HMIS Collaborative Framework.

All three CoC in Colorado (El Paso, Balance of State, and MDHI) approved this governance structure in November 2017. The three CoC are now each identifying four members to sit on this governance collaborative.

If you'd like to nominate yourself or someone else to help represent MDHI on this new body, please send an email to Will Connelly at Before nominating, please read the governance framework and briefly explain why the nominee would be a good fit. The Collaborative will begin meeting monthly in January 2018.

MDHI will accept nominations until December 13, 2017. Thank you!


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