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Weekly Roundup 3.14.18

Weekly Roundup 3.14.18: HMIS Changes, AmeriCorps Week, NAEH Conference, Shelter Rules, and more!

Weekly Roundup 3.1.18

Weekly Roundup 3.1.18: YHDP Launch, HMIS Survey, OneHome Accomplishments 2017, CSH Training Series, and More!

Weekly Roundup 2.14.18

Weekly Roundup 2.14.18: Everyone Counts Feedback, CSH Supportive Housing Training Series, New Staff at MDHI, 2017 NOFA Awards, and More!

Weekly Roundup 1.23.18

Weekly Roundup 1.23.18: NOFA Award Announcement, PIT Volunteers Needed, RRH Standards for Public Comment, and More!

Weekly Roundup 1.4.18

Weekly Roundup 1.4.18: Get Involved with the 2018 PIT Count, Stakeholder Input Report, HomeAid Film Screening, and more!

Weekly Roundup 12.20.17

Weekly Roundup 12.20.17: Happy Holidays, Point in Time Survey, Memorial Vigil, HMIS Governance & Board Updates, Mission/Vision/Values Updates, and more!

Weekly Roundup 12.11.17

Weekly Roundup 12.11.17: 2018 PIT Count, Grants Manager Position, Strategic Plan & Branding Survey, OneHome P&P, RGC & HMIS Representation, and more!

Weekly Roundup 11.30.17

Weekly Roundup 11.30.17: HMIS Collaborative Nominations, MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, RGC Application, 2017 Homeless Persons Vigil, Metro Denver Resident Input, and More! 

Weekly Roundup 11.20.17

Weekly Roundup 11.20.17: MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, RGC Application, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Weekly Roundup 11.7.17

Weekly Roundup 11.7.17: ESG RFP, MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, Hunger & Homelessness Week, Webinars, GPD NOFA, and More!

Weekly Roundup 11.1.17

Weekly Roundup 11.1.17: Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, SAMHSA Webinars, MDHI Blog, DOH Position, and More!

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