2017 CoC NOFA Headquarters

2017 Awards - CoC Program Competition

On January 11, 2018, HUD announced the awards for the Continuum of Care program competition. The Metro Denver Continuum of Care, referred to as CO-503 in HUD land, received over $25 million in renewal and new funding, thanks to the performance of regional housing programs, the help our partners provided during the application process in 2017, and HUD’s decision to give Fair Market Rent (FMR) adjustments. You can read HUD’s press release and review all of the national awards by following this link.

Also, here is a one-page breakdown of all of the funding awards in the region.

Overall, our region did well in the national competition. No existing projects were de-funded outright, and funding was approved for two new, reallocated projects. Our team is in the process of doing a deeper analysis to help inform our strategy for the next competition. Many thanks to the leadership at HUD for continuing this critical funding to end homelessness.

Final Draft of 2017 CoC Application and Priority Listing

MDHI extends a giant "thank you" to the regional community for its partnership during this process and for doing the incredibly good work of ending homelessness each and every day.

The final versions of both the 2017 CoC Application and Priority Listing are below:

2017 MDHI CoC Application (final version)

2017 MDHI CoC Priority Listing (final version)

MDHI will submit these documents to HUD by September 26, 2017 at 6pm MST, two days before the HUD deadline. 

Public Comment Opportunity - 2017 CoC Application Draft

The draft CoC Application was available for public comment until September 21, 2017. Thanks to all of our partners who took the time to give us valuable feedback. 

2017 Final Project Ranking

The MDHI NOFA Committee has recommended and the MDHI board has approved a 2017 CoC NOFA Project Ranking. Click here for the ranking document. 

The deadline to file an appeal was September 1, 2017. The link to the project rankings above has been updated now that the appeals process has been completed.

2017 Notice of Funding Availability

HUD announced the 2017 CoC Program Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) on July 14, 2017. Find it here.

Other official HUD information, instructional guides, budget guidance, and many other resources related to 2017 NOFA Competition can be found here and here.

Also, each year there are significant changes to the NOFA process. Find a summary of those changes by clicking here. Thank you to Howard Burchman and his teammates at Housing Innovations for creating this handy summary.

2017 MDHI NOFA Timeline

The MDHI NOFA Committee has developed a timeline for the NOFA season. Click here to see the most updated version. This timeline will be updated weekly until September 28, 2017.

Ask MDHI a NOFA Question!

Use the MDHI event calendar to RSVP for NOFA-related meetings and training.  

Use the MDHI NOFA Ask A Question page to submit any NOFA-related questions. Submitting a question on this page will not lead to an official response from HUD. HUD's ask a question page can be found here

Annual Progress Report Training Information

On August 7, 2017, the HMIS Lead Agency (CCH) held a webinar on how to pull APR reports from HMIS. All renewal projects that are not in their first operating year are required to submit two years of APR data to MDHI by August 10, 2017. Please refer to the 2017 NOFA Timeline (above) for more info on this step of the process.

The August 7th webinar slides can be found here. The recording of the webinar is here. (you must register to view the recording)

New Project Applications

With this new funding cycle, our community may create new projects through the permanent housing bonus. Please review the entire 2017 HUD NOFA carefully to decide whether or not your organization wants to apply for permanent housing bonus funding. If your organization is considering submitting an application for a new project, you must send a non-binding letter of interest to apply. 

The deadline to submit letters of intent was July 26, 2017. MDHI received 10 letters of intent. All 10 passed the initial threshold review and will have the opportunity to submit a full application.

Follow this link for detailed instructions on how to submit applications in e-snaps for new projects.


2017 CoC NOFA Ranking Tool and MOU

MDHI’s NOFA Committee has been updating the ranking process for HUD’s Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the 2017 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition. The committee has been working to make the process more objective, transparent, and based on outcomes data. The NOFA Committee thanks the community for its input in improving the tools and overall process. On July 13th, the MDHI Board of Directors approved the ranking tool and MOU below. 

Ranking Tool: MDHI_NOFA_Ranking_Tool_2017 (updated on 8/21/17 with high performers and community averages)

MOU Between MDHI and CoC Grantee: CoC_and_Grantee_MOU_2017    

2017 CoC NOFA Appeals Process

For information on how to file an appeal, please click here. Appeals must be sent to Will Connelly, will.connelly@mdhi.org, by Friday, September 1, 2017, at 5pm MST.

2017 Reallocation Information

While MDHI does not have a formal policy on reallocating funds at this time, MDHI does encourage lower performing projects and new applicants to create new projects through reallocation. MDHI is in contact with lower performing projects from the last NOFA round and is working with the Colorado HMIS team to consider reallocating funding for a new HMIS project to continue to add capacity and resources to our regional data system.

For more information on reallocation, you can access a toolkit from USICH here and/or contact Will Connelly.

Grant Inventory Worksheets 

HUD has posted the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Continuum of Care Program (CoC) Competition Grant Inventory Worksheets (GIW) to the HUD Exchange for review by CoCs, project recipients, and interested stakeholders. For more GWI information and instructions, click here.

You can also contact Joe Baker (joe.baker@mdhi.org) with any questions related to these forms.