The Point in Time is coming - Get involved!

Everyone Counts in Metro Denver, and we are working diligently to increase engagement and coverage for the upcoming Point in Time count, which asks our community members experiencing homelessness where they slept the night of January 29th, 2018.

The entire seven-county region is stepping up efforts to achieve the most complete community assessment possible. This is a nationwide count of those experiencing literal homelessness on a single night in January. The final number includes those staying in shelters, living unsheltered, and in some time-limited transitional housing programs. It is a number referenced year after year throughout our agencies, municipalities, counties, and media outlets. We need everyone's support to help make it representative of those we see and work with every day.

Is your agency involved? Our county coordinators have been hard at work, if you have not yet been asked to participate – please complete this Agency Survey to let us know that your agency can be counted on for the 2018 PIT efforts! MDHI will provide training and other support as needed. If you are staff at a local homeless services agency and are able to help with our expanded outreach efforts – please complete this staff PIT nighttime unsheltered outreach signup and let us know where you can help Monday night, starting at sundown.

How else can you help? We need incentives to engage people and encourage participation in the PIT survey, and to thank them for their time. If you know of a business, faith-group, or others that would be interested in providing in-kind donations or financial sponsorship (both are tax deductible) please contact Perhaps you are part of a congregation or other group that would be interested in holding a drive for hygiene items, socks, cold weather gear, bus tickets or small gift cards--contact for more information. Learn more at

Email with any questions.

Thank you!

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