2018 Point in Time preparations have launched!

On Friday, October 6th, the Metro Denver community came together to discuss opportunities and support each other in planning comprehensive, regional coverage for the 2018 Point in Time - Everyone Counts!

More than 60 people, from a wide range of regional stakeholders, attended MDHI's 2018 Point in Time Launch event. The morning was broken up into several topics, including: Why do we do a PIT count? 2017 Methodology and results, best practices and new possibilities for engagement, training, and overall timelines.

Linda Barringer, Point in Time committee chairwoman, opened the event with a PIT story that helped explain the importance of the effort. She spoke of meeting someone during PIT outreach that hadn't been able to access needed services, despite having great need, and progressed into this individual being housed by her agency. Shelley McKittrick shared descriptions of the mobile technology, mapping, motel vouchers, and outreach efforts that were successful in Aurora last year. Megan Morales talked about her experience holding a "Magnet event" last year at the VOA Veteran's Service Center, and ideas for utilizing this model in other areas across the region.

The second half of the Launch gave time for the County and area planning groups to decide how to best utilize their strengths, work through their challenges, and find opportunities in their discussion to ensure more comprehensive coverage. Many groups decided to divide up responsibilities for the PIT count into smaller spheres for more effective use of resources. Examples include: Having a lead planner for overnight or day shelters, outreach or "hot spot" coverage, Youth or Veteran specific leads, and ideas for Magnet events to draw in those that are staying outside and aren't receiving services elsewhere.

There is a new website dedicated for Metro Denver's Point in Time efforts - Everyonecounts.mdhi.org This is still under construction, but it will be a central hub for all things PIT. MDHI will be putting out more information in the upcoming weeks and months as the day approaches. We are planning to update trainings for both volunteers and for Points of Contact at each site doing surveys - Data Quality and process is important! MDHI needs to have all survey sites finalized and volunteer needs for each site/agency in by November 1st. Special shout out to Tom Luehrs and St. Francis Center for being the very first to turn in Volunteer Requests!

There is much work to get done in the next 110 days, when the 2018 Point in Time count happens on Monday night, January 29th, 2018. If you are interested in supporting your area's planning efforts, we'd be happy to connect you to the group in your area. Email PIT@mdhi.org with any questions, anytime.

Many thanks to each one of you who attended Friday, and all of you for your upcoming participation in the Metro Denver 2018 Point in Time Count. Thanks to the dedication of our Metro community - we will make sure that Everyone Counts!



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