2018 Point in Time report released

The 2018 Point in Time report has been published! The Metro Denver community came together to plan and execute Everyone Counts, Metro Denver's Point in Time survey, which details those experiencing homelessness in our community on a single night in January. Held on January 29th, 2018, this report provides a snapshot of those staying in sheltered and unsheltered living situations in our community.

Some key findings within the 5,317 total persons identified during 2018 PIT count​:

Chronically Homeless - 1,596 or 30% of total​

Newly Homeless - 1,060 or 19.9%​

Transition Age Youth - 237 or 4.4%​

Veterans - 566 or 10.6%

A couple tables from the 2018 PIT report - read the full report here.

2018 Count improvement goals included:

  • Change the tone of how our community talks about the Point in Time, from being one that we just have to do – to be an endeavor that can provide useful data about our community members without homes.
  • Increase the number of individuals and families living unsheltered who are identified and surveyed, through increased coverage and coordination (15 magnet events were held around the region, outreach coverage and coordination improved around the region, these improvements led to the identification of people living unsheltered increasing by 42%)
  • Increase the number of agencies and sites participating in the 2018 PIT. (33 new agencies and 34 new sites in 2018 contributed surveys)
  • Increase the amount of donations and thus increase the incentives and services we can provide to people taking their time to complete a survey. (increased 500%)
  • Improve training materials and methods for volunteers and staff at agencies (15 trainings were held across the Metro area in the weeks prior to the count. In addition to an online training and specific handouts/quick guides, >90% reported the training met their needs that day)

We were successful by these measures - and there is room for continued improvement in the 2019 count!


Initial plans for 2019– There are a few things I would like to highlight that we are already planning on for 2019.

  • There will be a 2019 Everyone Counts Community planning session and launch
    • The feedback from last October’s event was overwhelmingly positive and helped engage new community members in the process.
  • Use of Magnet events to capture those living unsheltered
    • These will be more targeted and likely less than the 15 held around the region last year, though we learned what seemed to work best and will focus those efforts in areas where there is the community engagement to hold one, and few services such as day or overnight shelters. We may look to hold additional youth focused events outside of downtown Denver in 2019.
  • Continue to improve outreach coordination efforts and coverage for capturing the unsheltered population
    • Develop plans to reach additional areas not covered by professional outreach, especially in counties outside of Denver and the City of Aurora.
  • Increased efforts to engage communities that have minimally participated in years past.
  • Continue fundraising efforts in order to provide those taking the survey with incentives that they find worthwhile.
  • Improve mobile technology and mapping, and increase database and HMIS use.
    • The mobile technology worked well in our pilot year, and we look forward to refining it for the 2019 count.
    • While we were unable to successfully use HMIS in 2018 for transitional housing, the long-term goal is that all sheltered data will come from HMIS. This is the most effective way to capture this population – for the point in time and all our community performance measurements.

Thank you for your support for the 2018 Point in Time survey, Everyone Counts, to all that organized and led their communities in these efforts and those that volunteered to participate!



Contact PIT@mdhi.org with any inquiries