2019 NOFA FAQs

Yes. Scores for OneHome referrals will be compared against other members (by category; i.e., PSH and RRH/Transitional) in the community.

MDHI’s Data team is trying to create a control for utilization and are also investigating if it is even an issue that will affect scoring. This is the purpose for the narrative section on each scoring element so that organizations may describe their individual circumstance.

Narrative will not influence the scores this year, but may influence ranking. Scoring from a narrative could be added to the next NOFA based on what we learn this year.

Those serving higher needs populations will not get a boost, as due to Coordinated Entry, every renewal project should be assisting and prioritizing those in the greatest need.

MDHI’s reallocation policy has been posted and is available here.

Tier One


Tier Two


Tier One and Two Combined


DV Bonus


Planning Grant




Most Jail, Prison, Hospitals, Halfway Houses, or any other temporary destinations are considered negative outcomes, unless otherwise removed from the denominator or specified per HUD's outcome definitions. A link to HUD’s definitions is available here. Reach out to MDHI if you have any questions about specific cases.

No, it is only available for new applicants, as it is intended to help them become operational during that extra six months at the beginning

You will turn in your renewal application, as well as an application for the specified expansions, then create an overall renewal application that includes the funding from the expansion assuming you receive the funding.

New applicant threshold and scoring are available on the MDHI NOFA headquarters webpage.

The date to clean up any data from your APR has passed (7/24) as it has been directly pulled from Clarity, there is no need to update it for the NOFA. MDHI is pulling the APRs from Clarity HMIS, not SAGE as previously articulated. If there are specific data issues with your organization’s APR, please let MDHI know.

It can be used to expand services, but HUD very specifically requires that all funding gained from the DV bonus must be used to serve only DV clients.

Positions on the NOFA committee cannot be MDHI CoC grantees, which typically means that the members are State or county level officials who have no conflicts of interest. If you are interested in being a part of next year’s NOFA committee, contact Matt Meyer.

  • MDHI pulled the APRs from Clarity to create a mechanism by which organizations can know with certainty when their data needs to be prepared by. We hope that this will encourage organizations to focus on data quality throughout the year instead of scrambling to clean it as soon as the NOFA is released.

MDHI is going back two years on APRs to expand the denominator for a sample size of averages. Projects will only be scored on their most recent year’s performance.