4 Members Selected for New Statewide HMIS Collaborative


After a public call for nominations, the MDHI Board of Directors and Governance Committee selected four CoC members to represent the Continuum on the new Statewide HMIS Collaborative.

The Statewide HMIS Collaborative is a collaboration between all three Continuum of Care in Colorado. The goal of the group is to help lead the continuous improvement of the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and to create shared policies, procedures, reporting, and goals around homeless performance data.

MDHI has selected these four phenomenal folks to represent the MDHI CoC:

  • Renee Crews, Denver's Road Home
  • Ian Kile, Volunteers of America Colorado
  • Jamie Rife, Purposity
  • Rebecca Mayer, MDHI

MDHI staff and board extend deep appreciation and gratitude to its many statewide partners who work everyday to make Colorado's response to homelessness data-driven.