Attention Homes Apartments leases up 40 Youth PSH units!

A Stable Home and a Strong Start


On the road to stability and self-sufficiency, one of the largest barriers young people face is a lack of affordable housing. Therefore, in 2015 Attention Homes embarked on a quest to create affordable and supportive housing for young adults experiencing homelessness. The Attention Homes Apartments are a 40-unit non-time-limited supportive housing complex for 18-24 year olds exiting homelessness. The construction of this project was completed in October 2019 and all 40 units were leased up just in time for the New Year.

We know this model works! We toured similar projects across the country and spoke with service providers, property managers, architects, and most importantly, young tenants. Each conversation played out a consistent theme: With access to stable housing, young adults thrive. We expect, and research shows, that within two years:

  • 60% of residents will transition on to independent housing
  • 80% of residents will demonstrate an increased income
  • 75% of residents with education goals will be meeting those goals
  • 85% of residents will have formed a healthy relationship with an adult

We are grateful to say that 41 young people are now living at the Attention Homes Apartments who were living in shelters or on the streets just three months ago. This milestone accomplishment was made possible due to the tremendous support of the greater community, our hardworking staff, and the resilient young people at Attention Homes. They say "it takes a village" and we deeply appreciate our village which includes our program participants, staff, donors, volunteers, community partners, foundations, faith communities, and governmental entities at all levels (city, county, state and federal).

Together, we are ending youth homelessness in our community!

Guest contribution by:

Alex Bergland, Director of Communications

The Attention Homes Apartments are located in Boulder, CO.

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