Budget Collection FAQ

The following is a list of frequently asked questions for the MDHI budget collection process. MDHI has engaged Focus Strategies to complete an in-depth analysis of our seven-county regional homeless system. 

The deadline to submit budget data is 8/25 at 5:00pm (MST).

Please email any questions to Joe Baker or Will Connelly.

All programs, regardless of population served or staffing, are included in the performance analysis and impact findings at the system level. Discussion of any variability between the costs of successful exits across specific programs will attempt to address potential causes, including under-utilization, long lengths of stay, low rates of permanent housing exit, population served, staffing patterns, or other possible factors.

We will be receiving the RA budgets from another source, but do need the services budgets that pair with the RA dollars. Agencies that have grants, people, and overhead that cross programs typically take their total budgets and split them proportionally by FTE. For people (or overhead) that support multiple projects, those are typically split amongst the number of projects they support. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

We often include DV programs if they can generate data from their HMIS comparable database. We would be able to include them in the performance analysis if they can do that. Regardless of whether we get data, they should submit budget information so we have that as part of the entire system cost.

We would like to receive most recently completed budget (not the current operating year) since that is the budget that will most closely align with the 2016 HIC.

Please use the total award, not expenditures, as we are interested in capturing the planned budget. Please provide the total number of certificates you were able to allocate (the real capacity), we want to account for over-leasing.