Clarity Launch Kit

To help with the best possible launch of the new HMIS database, Clarity, on December 17, please review this Clarity Go-Live Launch Kit, that should help answer a lot of your questions related to getting started.

1. Start Your Engines

If you’ve taken the appropriate training, you’ll receive login information with your End User Name by Friday, December 14th. This login won’t be active until Monday, December 17th and the MDHI HMIS Help Desk will have expanded hours (8AM-5PM) that week to help out. The link to the Clarity website will be available on the HMIS Help Desk on Monday, December 17th.

2. Verify Accuracy

With any migration, there can be issues with populating accurate records in the new system, especially when the original system had the challenges of Adsystech.

  1. Verify that household structure is correct for your project enrollments. We know that Version 6 of Adsystech problematized household structure, and want to remedy these as soon as possible in Clarity if they remain incorrect.
  2. Verify that clients served in a project are present. Clients listed as ‘unverified’ in Adsystech (typically created, but not ever enrolled in a project), did not transfer to Clarity. The HMIS Help Desk will send out reports to agencies with lists of unverified clients, should you choose to enroll them in Clarity manually.

3. Hang Tight

Adsystech was unable to get MDHI a backup file of all fields per our requested deadline. This means that the following will be imported in the coming weeks when that backup file is made available to us. We are hoping to have these by January 2019.

  1. Case notes
  2. Non-HUD required services
  3. Custom fields
  4. Documents

Inactive program histories (for clients who were enrolled in programs that are no longer active) will be updated in the subsequent months. This means clients may not have all of their client history in their profile, if the program enrollment was for a program that was deactivated before Clarity.

4. Right Forms, Right Now

New forms for programs (intake, assessment, exit) and clients (ROIs & privacy notices) are available HERE.

5. Learn More

The blitz of training offerings in December is not meant to be exhaustive of all the ways you’ll be able to learn more about the system.

  1. New End Users can view recorded webinars for HMIS End User 101, pass the quiz and then register for HMIS End User 201 in-person training, offered weekly in January and February. HMIS End User 101 videos will be posted to the HMIS Help Desk the week of Go-Live. After passing the quiz, staff can register for End User 201.
  2. Managers will be able to register for Manager 101 training starting in 2019 to review pulling reports, understand data quality and improving processes.
  3. MDHI will be answering common questions on our FAQ page, so check there to see responses to issues.
  4. The MDHI HMIS Customer Service team is learning Clarity too, so we appreciate your patience as we navigate the new system, together.

6. Get Caught Up

MDHI knows that some agencies have stacks of paper forms created during blackout that will need to be uploaded to Clarity, and other agencies have lingering data quality issues that they’d like to resolve. To support this, we’re offering Data Entry Support stipends, to pay for additional staff time to remedy backlogs. Check out if you’re eligible and how to apply HERE

7. Stay Connected

HMIS Help Desk will be reaching out with important info on system setup and updates, all of which is posted on our Announcements page on the Help Desk website. While you’re at it, bookmark our HMIS Help Desk webpage and create an account to track your ticket status.