CoC and ESG Program Monitoring


The primary purpose of the MDHI Continuum of Care (CoC) is to carry out the responsibilities of a CoC as defined by the CoC Program Interim Rule (24 CFR 578). A significant part of these responsibilities is the creation and implementation of a System Performance Monitoring Plan for monitoring the performance of recipients and subrecipients of CoC and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program funding. This plan strives to improve outcomes for persons experiencing homelessness who are receiving assistance through these projects and achieving MDHI’s vision for everyone in the metro region to have a safe, stable place to call home.

The MDHI CoC must consult with recipients and subrecipients of CoC and ESG Program funding operating within the boundaries of the CoC (hereafter referred to as ‘grantees’) to establish performance targets, monitor recipient and subrecipient performance, evaluate outcomes, and act against poor performers. The System Performance Monitoring Plan will provide the necessary structure to comply with regulatory requirements as well as advance the MDHI CoC’s efforts to end homelessness across the region.


CoC Monitoring Plan (click here to review)


Important Dates

(please see CoC Monitoring Plan for additional detail)

  • 1st Quarter Report: due April 17; reporting period = January 1–March 31
  • 2nd Quarter Report: due July 17; reporting period = April 1–June 30
  • 3rd Quarter Report: due October 17; reporting period = July 1–September 30
  • 4th Quarter Report: due January 17; reporting period = October 1–December 31


Quarterly Report Submission Portal

The portal is in development, and will be posted here when available. 



A form that grantees may use to appeal monitoring results is in development, and will be posted here when available.