CoC NOFA Application (Draft) Posted for Public Comment

Our CoC NOFA application is in progress, and we are accepting public comment on the current draft. The draft is posted on the 2018 CoC NOFA Headquarters page and will be updated daily as we add to, edit, and finalize each section. 

We rely on our community partners to review this application and provide feedback so that we submit a strong application that clearly reflects our collective work to end homelessness in Metro Denver. 


Please take a moment to review the current draft of application and provide feedback. MDHI staff will review a final draft to ensure that all sections are completed, edit for grammar, etc. We are soliciting feedback on content. Sending your notes is helpful, and we also appreciate it if partners can submit draft language to insert into the document. 

One of our partners had a great suggestion--if everyone who is interested in helping with this would go through the application and look for four sections that are relevant to the work their agency is doing or larger community and add a sentence or two, we will have a much stronger application.

Please submit feedback to no later than noon on Wednesday, September 12. 


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