Data Entry Support Stipend

The Homeless Management Information System in Metro Denver is undergoing a series of changes in 2018 and beyond. The software database is migrating from Adsystech to BitFocus and will result in a database blackout in early December 2018. Large-scale changes mean there are implications for existing agencies using HMIS. One of those implications is the potential need for data entry support to get caught up with paper entries during blackout, or to fix data quality errors as a result of the migration or Adsystech data quality. To help support agencies with HMIS, MDHI is offering Data Entry Support stipends. 


The Data Entry Support stipend will be for agencies who have large volumes of HMIS information on paper that needs to be entered into Clarity HMIS as a result of: 

  1. the Adsystech blackout, and/or  
  2. needing to catch up on fixing data quality errors to comply with HUD data quality or reporting requirements. 


MDHI is offering to pay for agency staff that have been trained in Clarity HMIS to receive additional hours (beyond the scope of their regular hours or overtime) in the months of December and January by entering backlog HMIS data accrued during the Adsystech blackout or to help the agency get caught up on data quality and reporting. Hiring temporary staff is not ideal because they will need additional training and access to Clarity. 


Agencies that are interested should fill out THIS form by January 31, 2018. Upon receipt of these documents, and dependent upon funding availability, agencies will receive a written approval authorizing an agreement to proceed with the work. 


All hours must be completed no later than March 31, 2018, with an invoice for reimbursement to MDHI received no later than April 10, 2018.  

Eligible applicants: 

  • Must have been utilizing the Adsystech HMIS instance as of Nov. 1, 2018; and 
  • Must have staff identified 
  • Can apply for up to $1,000 in funds per agency 

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