Data Governance and Process Improvement Committees are accepting applications now!

MDHI is soliciting applications for two new committees. Both the Process Improvement and Data Governance Committee will sit under MDHI's System Performance Council as part of our broader council structure.

The Process Improvement Committee's purpose is to analyze system-level measurements and recommend performance improvements to other MDHI committees.

The Process Improvement Committee will:

  1. Review CoC & ESG monitoring results and provide direction on improvement.

  2. Inform policies and practices for local reporting on the HEARTH performance measures including system-wide dashboards.

  3. Utilize data from a variety of sources and partners to assess, inform, and communicate progress on the CoC mission.

  4. Regularly monitor system-level performance and initiate targeted analysis, as needed, to identify areas of success and potential best practices or address poor performance in the areas of system performance, racial disproportionally, performance by population and program type.

  5. Contribute to the analysis of system and programmatic data, impacts of policy and system design, and evaluation and methodological strategies related to new or developing policies of other CoC committees.

  6. Recommend performance targets consistent with the CoC goals and system vision for each program type.

  7. Elevate high-level information and messages regarding system performance and increase support and technical assistance for CoC membership.

The Data Governance Committee is charged with the evaluation and analysis of regional data quality and collection, ensuring that our continuum of care has reliable data to inform its decision-making.

The Data Governance Committee will:

  1. Inform the use and development of methods for evaluating system gaps and analysis of homelessness needs and services.

  2. Review strategic initiatives for HMIS to support consistent participation in HMIS and positive user experience.

  3. Reviewing state collaborative guidelines on the administration of the HMIS, to ensure that it is functional and meets local needs for data collection and reporting as well as US Department of Housing and HUD HMIS standards.

  4. Elevate high-level information and messages regarding data governance and increase support and technical assistance for CoC membership.

The committees will meet monthly at a regular date and time to be determined once members are seated. Members are expected to commit to regular participation (no fewer than three excused absences in a year) and to spend some time outside of meetings on committee related work and preparing for meetings.

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