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Next Step Community for Men at Denver Rescue Mission - Lawrence Street

Community post provided by Deb Butte, Director of Intake and Diversion

The Denver Rescue Mission is now using its ‘Lawrence Street Shelter- downtown’ as a 50 day Case-planning service. They are calling this sheltering option the Next Step Community.  Rather than clients having to pursue services in the community to be assigned a case-manager, the Next Step Community, at Denver Rescue Mission is offering case-planning help to the men that are already sheltering there.   Any day of the week, Men can sign up for an interview for the Next Step Community by going to their 1130 Park Avenue entrance at 4:45 p.m.  If accepted “move ins” are usually two days later.  

As a part of the Next Step Community, the participant will begin sheltering downtown instead of riding to one of the remote sheltering options.  They are given 24 hour access to their bed, locker, community room and laundry facilities.  During their 50 day stay they are required to meet with a case-worker who will evaluate the participants situation and will guide him thru a step by step process of exiting shelter.  The goal of this 50 day stay is to inform the client of programs, services and protocols that may meet their needs in the community.  Some clients will exit the NS community in 50 days to a housing placement, some will exit to a rehabilitation program  or transitional housing and some will have to continue to execute their plans from the remote shelters as we know that some plans take multiple years.  Clients are also expected to “present sober” at all times during their 50 day stay and are required to help with chores around the building which is based on their “employment schedule” and appointments with providers in the community.”


What is Next Step?:

-The Next Step Community provides a 7-day assessment where a case-worker will look at your situation and inform you of services available for your specific needs.  He/She will then give you direction on how you can pursue them.  

*If we believe we can help you further…..  then you will be offered a 50 day stay where you can develop an individualized action plan and receive advocacy with Service Providers in the Community.  The goal is to help get you get started on a path that will lead to exiting over-night shelter. 


What Are the Benefits?:

-Case-management direction

-Advocacy with Community Providers

-Help with starting on a step by step plan to exit shelter

-24 hour access to your belongings and a bed

-locked storage for your belongings

-3 meals a day

-Access to Laundry

-Employment and Life Skills classes


What Are the Requirements?:

-Regular meetings with a Case-worker to discuss your case and options

-To be actively pursuing options/services in the community

-To commit to a sober living environment for 7-50 days

-Between 8-32 hours of on-site community involvement based on employment schedule

-All criminal backgrounds welcome


How Do I Get Started?: You have TWO options:

1 - Come to 1130 Park Avenue West Monday-Saturday at 4:45p.m. and ask a staff member where you can sign up for a Next Step interview

2 - Or Call: 303-953-3919 and leave a message with a phone number where you can be reached.  You will have your call returned within three days.


*We want to help you understand the process of how to get out of overnight sheltering.

Please come and join us.  We may have some new ideas and resources.

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