Equity and Accessibility workgroup

The Equity and Accessibility working group is committed to achieving a reputation for developing progressively inclusive solutions to address the inequities and inaccessibility of our homeless crisis response system for marginalized populations. To achieve far-reaching and long standing equitable outcomes, the Equity and Accessibility working group is focused on building systemic infrastructures to circumvent the impacts of generational discriminatory housing policies that disenfranchise communities of color in the United States.

The group has a strong emphasis on the utilization of data analytics and community input to develop strategies around better inclusion and policies for increasing representation of staff to better mirror the homeless populations served in our community, address language barriers and increase access for non-native speakers of English experiencing homelessness and analyzing our systems and processes to ensure racially equitable housing outcomes.

The need for addressing equity in our homeless crisis response system demands immediate action. It is the intention of this group to develop quarterly recommendations to be reviewed by regional partners, Regional Governing Council, Community Design Team and other decision making hierarchies within the Denver metro housing and homeless provider community to be reviewed, evaluated and submitted for approval to be implemented within out coordinated entry system, OneHome.

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