Everyone Counts 2018 - Feedback & Review

Thank you so much for your support of the 2018 Point in Time! This past year, we made notable improvements in collaboration and outreach efforts across our region to help make sure that Everyone Counts in Metro Denver.

The 2018 PIT count was conducted over a 24-hour period across seven counties and 40+ municipalities, with over 100 distinct organizations participating. A core group of Regional Coordinators helped to lead this effort.

MDHI recruited and trained over 200 volunteers directly, and many more were recruited by coordinators across the region. With the support of our AmeriCorps*VISTA team, MDHI was able to raise over $20,000 in donations to offer food, socks, and other incentive items to those experiencing homelessness to encourage participation.

Fifteen magnet events were held across the region to increase the ability of communities to survey those living unsheltered in our communities. These events provided incentives such as hot food, showers, basic needs items, haircuts, and a variety of other services and resources. We also piloted an online/mobile version of the PIT survey this year – and surveys were completed with pinpoint location information.

A few wrap up notes:

If you still have paper surveys – please email PIT@mdhi.org today. The deadline to turn in paper surveys is Friday 2/16 at 5pm.

If you participated as a volunteer or were placed as supportive agency staff at a site – please fill out this feedback form.

If you are a participating agency point of contact, feel free to send your thoughts on what went well and ideas for improvement to PIT@mdhi.org – we’ll respond to any questions asap.

We will be working with our researchers over the next few months to clean and assess the survey data to produce regional and county reports. Stay tuned!