February 2019 HMIS Update

As previously communicated, the HMIS project and client data in Clarity is occurring in multiple phases, as the MDHI HMIS team works through deciphering what is available from Adsystech, testing migration and converting it to formats in Clarity. The nature of this scale of migration has a cascading effect, and each migration step is dependent on the data uploaded before it.

Below is an updated timeline with where we are at with getting all data available from Adsystech into Bitfocus Clarity.

  • Migration 1.0: December 17, 2018, HUD data is available to end users whose programs were submitted on time (12,429 Total clients)
  • Migration 1.5: February 11, 2019, HUD data is available to end users with remaining programs needing setup or changes (26,504 Total clients)
  • Migration 2.0: Target for end of Q1 2019, custom field such as case notes, historical services, documents such as photos, (Approximately 1.5 Million Fields)
  • Migration 3.0: Target for end of Q1 2019, Coordinated Entry/OneHome fields such as VI-SPDAT info and non-HMIS clients

We recognize that the community needs this data, and we are appreciative of your patience as we work to ensure the best possible start to Clarity with the least possible residual impact from Adsystech for the future of our successful HMIS.


Please let me know if you have any specific questions or concerns,


Ian Fletcher

Manager of System Performance


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