Flex Fund

The Housing Stability Flexible Fund (Flex Fund) is made possible by the strong and consistent support from the Metro Mayors Caucus, The Denver Foundation, and other private donors. MDHI works with organizations to assist households who are experiencing a housing crisis in the seven-county Metro Denver region. The Flex Fund is designed to remove a financial barrier that prevents a household from obtaining or remaining in permanent housing. 

Flex Fund Overview and People Served January-December 2019
Flex Fund 2nd Quarterly Report April - June 2020

Purpose of the MDHI Flex Fund

Any organization or provider that partners with OneHome, our community’s Coordinated Entry System, or is a member of the Metro Denver Continuum of Care (CoC), can submit a request to MDHI’s Flex Fund on behalf of eligible households experiencing a housing crisis in Metro Denver. If your organization is not a CoC member, you can find more information on the CoC Membership and Application page.

Before submitting a request to Flex Fund, the submitter should attempt to obtain assistance from all other resources in the community. Flex Fund is used when the household would continue to experience homelessness or become literally homeless but for this one-time financial assistance. If the household is literally homeless, they must have a lease that is ready to be signed and a unit that is ready for move-in.  

There is a limited amount of funds available. Even when all eligibility criteria are met, the request may not be approved. Please visit the full MDHI Fled Fund Policies and Procedures document to learn more. 

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis in the seven-county Metro Denver region and who are working with a partnering organization is eligible for Flex Fund financial assistance. Households must be literally homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. Literal homelessness is defined as an individual or family who is residing in an emergency shelter, transitional housing, or place not meant for human habitation such as a bus stop, camping, or vehicle. Households at-risk of homelessness must have written documentation from their current landlord/property owner stating that they need be out of their housing within 14 days due to non-payment of rent. Please see the following section for guidelines on written documentation. Households that are being evicted for reasons other than non-payment of rent will not be considered.  

Flex Fund will not provide move-in assistance if a household has already moved into housing. If a household has moved into housing before the request has been submitted and approvedMDHI will not be able to assist. Providers must request Flex Fund assistance prior to the household's anticipated move-in date.  

Eligible Expenses

Funds will be allocated when there is an actual lease to be signed by the household or when the household is seeking a co-housing situation with a friend or family member. The MDHI Flex Fund caps assistance at $3,000 per household. The Flex Fund can pay for the following landlord mitigation, move-in expenses, or prevention:

  • Security/rental deposits  
  • One-time move-in assistance (truck rental, hiring moving company)
  • First month's rent or month of rent following the household's move-in month
  • Damage repair or vacancy payment to landlord/property owner
  • Rental assistance - past unit
  • Rental assistance - current unit
  • Utility Assistance - deposits (including water) and arrears 
  • Pet deposits or one-time pet fees
  • Relocation to another community when there is a confirmed housing opportunity
  • Other financial barriers to permanent housing

Funds will only be allocated to a third party such as a property management company, landlord, utility company, etc. Upon approval of the Flex Fund request, organizations/agencies must collect a W-9 form filled out by the third-party vendor and other required backup documentation tied to the cost and submit to MDHI. Submit the form here: 

Click Here to Access Online Application

Follow up e-mail to [email protected] with questions. More detailed information about how to submit a request can be found written in the MDHI Flex Fund Policies and Procedures.