MDHI Flex Fund

Thanks to the strong and consistent support from the Metro Mayor's Caucus and others, MDHI is now offering timely financial assistance to remove barriers to housing. If you are working directly with someone experiencing homelessness in the metro Denver region, please use the link below to request financial assistance. For more information, please contact Jackie Hernandez at

Request Financial Assistance Here

More information about the MDHI Flex Fund

Purpose of the MDHI Flex Fund

The MDHI Flex Fund supports households (individuals and families) who need one-time financial assistance to exit homelessness. This fund will be used when the following four criteria are met: 1) the household would continue to experience homelessness but for this one-time financial assistance, 2) the household is experiencing literal homelessness and meets other eligibility criteria (as outlined below), and 3) there are enough funds in the MDHI Flex Fund to fulfill the request.

Eligibility Criteria

To receive assistance through these funds, the household must:

  • Be experiencing homelessness on the streets, in a vehicle, campsite, a place not meant for human habitation, or in the shelter system. The household’s experience of homelessness must be verified by a housing locator, street outreach specialist, or other service provider making the request for funds (“verification” is described below). MDHI will consider requests for households who are currently living in permanent supportive housing programs or being assisted by rapid re-housing programs; and,
  • Partner with an organization that is participating in OneHome, the region’s coordinated entry system. The household must complete a VI-SPDAT assessment form with a participating provider before the time of request.

To verify a household’s homelessness, the organization/agency requesting financial assistance for a household must provide one of the following:

  1. Written observation by a street outreach specialist or other professional; or
  2. Written referral by another service provider (such as a day shelter or overnight shelter); or
  3. Certification by the individual or head of household seeking assistance stating that the household was living on the streets or in shelter, preferably accompanied by a third-party verification such as those listed in items a) and b) above.

Eligible Expenses

Funds will be allocated when there is an actual lease to be signed by the household or when the household is seeking a co-housing situation with a friend or family member. The MDHI Flex Fund caps assistance at $3,000 per household to pay for any of the following expenses:

  • Reimbursement for repairs and/or vacancies to participating landlords
  • Deposits to utility companies for establishing new service
  • Old debt to utility companies that impacts ability to establish new service
  • Rental/security deposits to landlords for a new apartment; pet deposits or one-time fees
  • Pro-rated rent during month that new lease is signed
  • One (1) full month of rent following the month that the new lease is signed
  • Old debt to landlords or housing authorities that needs to be paid before establishing a new residence
  • Deposits for water or other utilities
  • Old debt to other utility companies that needs to be paid before establishing service
  • Relocation to another community when there is a confirmed housing opportunity
  • Other financial barriers to permanent housing

Funds will only be allocated to a third party such as a property management company, landlord, utility company, etc. Requests from organizations/agencies must include a W-9 form filled out by the third-party vendor unless MDHI has paid the third-party vendor previously.


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