Everything You Need to Know to Be Ready for the MDHI Stakeholder Extravaganza

Hello, friends. The MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, which we are fondly referring to as the Stakeholder Extravaganza, is swiftly approaching. Here are four things you can do now. 

1.  RSVP if you haven't already or view event details here.

2.  Review the final draft of the 2018 MDHI Governance Charter. We've incorporated feedback, and highlighted the areas where we've made changes. 

3. Review the scoring tool for the upcoming 2018 CoC NOFA competition. The MDHI NOFA committee has completed a draft scoring tool to rank renewing grantees. Check out the 2018 CoC Notice of Funding Availability web page for more details.


4.. Review the discussion questions and be prepared to contribute during the small group activity:

a. What types of training would you be interested in?

b. ​With the recent culture shift, for example with HMIS and new RRH standards, how can we best support front line staff through this change?

c. ​​ How do we help our community develop beyond silos of expertise to a network of collaborative knowledge?

d. How can we remove barriers to participation in HMIS?

e. ​What is the hardest habit to break in the effort to end homelessness in our region?

f.  ​What excites you most about becoming more involved with MDHI’s mission and vision moving forward?

Mission: Leading and advancing collaboration to end homelessness in our region. 

Vision: Dedicated to everyone in the metro region having a safe, stable place to call home. 

g. How do we facilitate the conversation around equity in our community?


We are working hard to make this an informative, interactive, and engaging event. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • When: Wednesday, June 13th from 1-4pm with a networking happy hour to follow
  • Where: Mountain West Dental Institute, 925 Lincoln Street Unit B--The Beauvillon, Denver, CO --Auditoriums A and B
  • Register Now to Attend

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