Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

Every day, homeless service and housing providers in Metro Denver enter client-level data into a secure database called HMIS. This data is used to help deliver effective services and monitor the effectiveness of the overall homelessness system. HMIS provides critical data to help inform decisions about homelessness policy and funding decisions. 

MDHI appreciates its partnership with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH). CCH is the HMIS Lead Agency, designated by the MDHI board, to lead the implementation of the regional HMIS. The HMIS team at CCH helps define policies and procedures around client confidentiality, data collection, and reporting, and trains new and existing users on how to navigate the system. 

Much more information about HMIS can be found at the Colorado HMIS website.

To email the HMIS team at CCH, click here...or call 303-312-9666.

To email MDHI about HMIS, click here to contact Joe Baker, MDHI Data Coordinator. 




Data Requests for non-HMIS Participating Agencies:

Colorado HMIS Data Extraction

The data extraction rate for Colorado HMIS is $250/hour for the initial extraction evaluation and $175 per hour for all additional labor hours associated with completing the request. Rates are subject to the current availability of resources and may be higher if external contractors are necessary to complete the request.

Adsystech HMIS Data Extraction Rate

Data extractions which involve Adsystech will cost $540/hour for the initial extraction evaluation (this cost includes MDHI's management of the request and scope of work for Adsystech) and $290/hour for all additional labor hours associated with completing the request.

If interested in requesting data from the CoC please complete the following form: MDHI Report Request and email it to

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