HMIS New End User Training Opportunities

Are you a new staff member that hasn't used HMIS before and need training in the new Clarity HMIS database?

Register HERE for New End User HMIS Training in January 2019.

New Clarity HMIS End Users

HMIS training opportunities for Clarity occurring in December 2018 are for existing HMIS end users, as the curriculum offered requires a level of familiarity with HMIS workflow and compliance. In order to provide the most comprehensive updated training and support data quality, beginning in January, MDHI is offering Clarity HMIS training opportunities for new HMIS end users that haven't had training previously. 

These trainings are offered frequently in January and February 2019, and then regularly thereafter. To register, your agency must have an active and updated Agency Partnership Agreement on file with MDHI. End Users will receive access to Clarity HMIS after they complete the training curriculum and receive approval from their agency's Data Partner Agency Liasion (DPAL), and provided that End User licenses are available. Prior to the in-person training, attendees will receive information on a webinar and quiz that they'll need to complete in advance of their in-person date.

Expanded trainings for Manager-level users will be offered in 2019 as well, with details to follow.


Existing Adsystech HMIS End Users

If you have already had training on Adsystech and are currently an active end user of that system, you can attend the Clarity HMIS trainings offered in December 2018. Register HERE for Existing HMIS End User training.


Adsystech Blackout & Clarity Go-Live Reminder

Adsystech will be offline starting at midnight on Friday, November 30th and users will no longer have access to the AES system after that time. Migration to Clarity will occur during the subsequent weeks, with a target Go-Live date of the new HMIS on Monday, December 17.

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