HMIS Update & Timeline

Important update from the COHMIS Statewide Collaborative on the new HMIS timeline.


Dear HMIS Participating Agencies, 

As you are aware, the HMIS Database will be transitioning from Adsystech to BitFocus’ Clarity Human Services late this year. The transition plan is underway and we’re happy to share some tentative dates with you:

After November 30, 2018 end of day, you will no longer be able to access or enter client data into Adsystech.

End User Trainings will occur the first two weeks of December, available for anyone that is currently using the Adsystech system. New End Users that do not currently have access in Adsystech, will be waitlisted or have to attend a training starting in January 2019 as part of the new training curriculum.

The Go Live date for Clarity will be December 17, 2018. In order to clean and migrate the data associated with your agency’s projects, there will be a blackout period without an HMIS database for approximately 2.5 weeks. Unfortunately, due to the problematic nature of Adsystech’s data structure, the blackout period is longer than we would have hoped. We understand that this is less than ideal, especially for agencies where Adsystech is your sole database, but this blackout period is crucial to ensure each HMIS Lead Agency has time to clean your existing data and migrate it into Clarity. Please reach out to the HMIS Lead Agency in your CoC with questions regarding data collection alternatives during this time.

All agencies with HMIS projects that have responded to HMIS Lead Agency requests for configuration will have their project’s quality HUD Data Elements migrated, going back at least as far as 1/1/2015. For agencies that we can get more years of quality data from, we will go back to no earlier than 1/1/2012. Custom fields, assessments, coordinated entry elements and case notes will be migrated separately from the HUD Data Elements. Again, due to the problematic nature of Adsystech’s data structure and setup, we are limited in what we can migrate in a timely manner without further delaying the transition to Clarity.

These timelines are aggressive for our HMIS Lead Agency teams, but we know the value of getting into a new system, and having 2019 be a full year of data reported from Clarity.

What we need from you: the HMIS Lead Agency teams will be reaching out with specific data quality requests to correct issues in late October and early November. Please respond expediently to these requests, as not doing so may delay project migration or create setup errors.

Please let your HMIS Lead Agency know if you have questions or concerns during this exciting time, and we appreciate your patience during the transition to a new system.


CO HMIS Statewide Collaborative

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