HUD Awards Announced

On January 11, 2018, HUD announced the awards for the Continuum of Care program competition. The Metro Denver Continuum of Care, referred to as CO-503 in HUD land, received over $25 million in renewal and new funding, thanks to the performance of regional housing programs, the help our partners provided during the application process in 2017, and HUD’s decision to give Fair Market Rent (FMR) adjustments.

You can read HUD’s press release and review all of the national awards by following this link.

Also, here is a one-page breakdown of all of the funding awards in the region.

Overall, our region did well in the national competition. No existing projects were de-funded outright, and funding was approved for two new, reallocated projects. Our team is in the process of doing a deeper analysis to help inform our strategy for the next competition. Many thanks to the leadership at HUD for continuing this critical funding to end homelessness.