Human Trafficking and Homelessness in Metro Denver

Join the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking in partnership with Metro Denver Homeless Initiative on how human trafficking is impacting our state and the greater Denver area. Learn how the experience of homelessness intersects with human trafficking and how service providers and community members can be involved in the response. This training will be followed by a panel discussion including several Denver-area professionals working in homelessness and parallel issues on how their work intersects with trafficking.

This is free and open to the public, and lunch will be provided.

This training will explore:

  • Root causes of the crime of trafficking and the myriad of intersecting identities, vulnerabilities, and
    social and systemic inequalities that can lead to trafficking
  • How victim service providers and first responders can understand the red flags and behavioral cues of
    someone who has experienced this complex trauma
  • Integrating protocols and procedures to assess and respond to the needs of trafficked persons
  • Local resources and referrals