Inactive Policy & Procedure

Inactive Policy Procedure

Over the last several months, OneHome has been working with the Community Design Team (CDT) to discuss how we can test implementing our OneHome inactive policy now that HMIS is the OneHome database. The inactive policy, which was adopted in early 2018, can be found in the OneHome Policy and Procedure document here. In short, our inactive policy stipulates that following 90 days of inactivity in HMIS, a household will be considered inactive until they reconnect with a community partner. This document outlines recommendations, specific processes in HMIS, and a timeline for accomplishing this work.  This includes continued evaluation and discussion so that together OneHome and our community partners can ensure that the process and policy still support our goals of ending homelessness.

Inactive List Instructions

In order to implement the inactive policy there will be some data clean up and ongoing process change necessary to get us ready for implementation. This document is a follow-up to ones sent in Feb/March/June, outlining a recommendation on how to update client records (clean-up); following this process will prevent clients you are actively working with to be on the “Inactive Report."

How to Reactivate Clients

These slides review how to keep clients active in the OneHome Program and how to reactivate them if they become inactive based on the above policy.


(Updated October 19, 2020)