Initiative 300: MDHI Position

The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI) is the Continuum of Care organization for homeless services funded through Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supporting the Metro Denver community. MDHI represents a broad spectrum of people, including people with current and past experiences of homelessness, and organizations who are deeply invested in finding solutions to homelessness and improving the quality of life for all Metro Denver residents, particularly those who are unhoused. 


MDHI unequivocally supports the human rights and dignity of Denver’s unhoused community members. It is from this perspective that MDHI’s Board of Directors considered the impacts of Initiative 300. This process resulted in MDHI taking a position neither in support nor against Initiative 300. Camping bans do not help people experiencing street homelessness move beyond the barriers and conditions they are living with. Neither will Initiative 300 solve homelessness. Homelessness is complex and complicated, therefore solutions to homelessness require bold cross-sector commitment to implementing evidence-based practices that have been shown to work. The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative welcomes the opportunity to work with all community partners committed to finding solutions that address the systemic issues contributing to Denver’s ongoing housing crisis. 

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