July HMIS & OneHome Update

Thank you to everyone who has been through the many technical homes and transitions of coordinated entry (Google Platform, Homelink, Salesforce) over the past 5 years. OneHome has reached its final destination in Clarity HMIS and while changes may occur within the platform to enhance OneHome for the community, the location of the data won’t be changing.

Clarity HMIS & OneHome Integration

All VI-SPDATs, Salesforce client profiles, contact information for OneHome are live in Clarity if the client has an active release of information (ROI). As a result, Salesforce for OneHome functionality is offline to the public.

With the inclusion of OneHome technical processes occurring within Clarity, the helpdesk@onehomeco.org email will be going offline. For OneHome technical assistance, please use hmishelp@mdhi.org to be routed to the correct MDHI team member.

To learn more about why using HMIS helps OneHome meet HUD's expectations of coordinated entry, click here.

Other HMIS-related Elements of Migration

  • Agencies with custom assessments are live in Clarity.
  • HMIS services formerly in Adsystech, approximately 18 million fields for programs in Colorado, have been processed by MDHI and submitted to Bitfocus for review. After review and testing, these will be imported into the live Clarity site, likely this fall.
  • MDHI has identified over 10,000 duplicate client profiles needing de-duplication. The MDHI team is cleaning these profiles to merge records.
  • Client Location and Contact Information for non-OneHome clients are slated for migration this fall.

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