July 10, 2018 HMIS Update

Want an update for what's happening with HMIS in Metro Denver? Check out hiring and funding opportunities below:

Welcome to Kyla Moe and Matt Richard

Kyla Moe (kyla.moe@mdhi.org) is the new Senior Data Analyst for HMIS at MDHI. Kyla has over 15 years’ experience in the non-profit health arena, having worked the last 7 years as the Systems Analyst with Nurse-Family Partnership where she managed their nationwide database of thousands of end users to support maternal-child health for low-income mothers. Being a Colorado Native Kyla enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her husband and 15 year old daughter.

Matt Richard (matt.richard@mdhi.org) is the new Data Analyst for HMIS at MDHI. He received his Bachelors of Science in Public Health from Indiana University, and has professional experiences analyzing and visualizing data within the non-profit sector. Matt previously worked with HMIS software during his time at Volunteers of America, where he was the Data Specialist for their SSVF program. Matt's experiences have led him to become quite passionate about the importance of using technology to establish effective processes that allow community-serving organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions to best serve the populations they work with.

Kyla and Matt join existing MDHI staff, Ian Fletcher and Joe Baker, as part of the new HMIS Lead Agency Team. MDHI will take on the role of the HMIS Lead Agency starting September 1, 2018 and is working on a transition plan with CCH; questions before September 1, 2018 should be directed to CCH HMIS Lead Agency via the Help Desk colorado.hmis@coloradocoalition.org

MDHI is Hiring

MDHI has two job opportunities for the new MDHI HMIS Lead Agency Team, specifically related to the HMIS Help Desk. To review or apply for the Customer Support Tier 1 and Tier 2 positions, please visit www.mdhi.org/careers

HMIS User Group on 7/25/18 at 10AM     

Current HMIS Lead Agency Team (CCH) and new HMIS Lead Agency Team (MDHI) will be co-facilitating the next HMIS User Group on July 25 at 10AM at Mile High United Way in Denver. We’ll provide updates on the transition to BitFocus and report out on the Community Listening Sessions on Data, in addition to hearing your questions. Anyone using HMIS or interested in learning more about the future of HMIS is welcome to attend.

Technology Stipend Available

MDHI has technology stipends available for agencies who need to upgrade technology to support the new HMIS database. The stipend, up to $1,000 valued of technology components, is made available to CoC and ESG-funded agencies currently utilizing HMIS whose application is accepted and awarded. To read the application, click HERE.

BitFocus Update

MDHI has signed a contract with Bitfocus to implement their HMIS solution Clarity Human Services. After a year-long search for a new software vendor, this milestone is significant in accelerating action steps to launch BitFocus Clarity in 2018. In addition to the contract for the software, funding to support  Advanced Implementation support has been acquired to  add significant capacity  for initial set-up for users and administrators. MDHI is grateful to the Statewide HMIS Collaborative, Denver Department of Human Services, Volunteers of America Colorado SSVF, Rocky Mountain Human Services SSVF, and the State of Colorado – Department of Local Affairs/Division of Housing for funding beyond existing CoC NOFA resources to implement BitFocus. The Statewide HMIS Collaborative is made up of representatives from the MDHI, Pikes Peak and Balance of State Continuua of Care. For more info, check out this memo from the Transition Subcommittee.

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