March 2019 HMIS E-News

We want to engage, support and equip you with information and resources you need to make all of your efforts in HMIS, work for you and the community on the path to ending homelessness.

March 2019


Case Notes are LIVE in Clarity

For more information on the latest in the migration of historic HMIS data, check out this blog post.

We Hear You

Based on some great HMIS end user feedback, we have added Child-specific Intake Forms.

HMIS 101 on Viemo

Training Updates

Missed the HMIS training for the new Clarity platform? Never had access to HMIS? 

First thing's first. Make sure you've taken the online HMIS 101 training and pass the quiz! Then register for one of the dates below for the required HMIS 201 in person training using your work email. April dates will be posted soon.


From the Help Desk

Upcoming Office Hours on March 26

Track all your tickets, review important announcements and checkout FAQs generated by user submissions on the HMIS Help Desk


By The Numbers

Interested in knowing what Federal HUD resources are serving homeless populations in your community? Checkout this report from HUD on various funding sources from the Office of Community Planning & Development.

HUD released a digestible overview of how communities can improve their housing performance through data.

Data Strategy to Improve Data and Performance

Clarity Tips & Tricks

The MDHI team built a Data Quality dashboard for agencies to help monitor projects' data quality. Data Quality helps with client de-duplication, understanding demographics and equity, and assists with program eligibility. While not meant to replace APRs or the canned Data Quality Report, these dashboards should help keep you out of the red.

We see and appreciate your hard work!

HMIS Superstars

We want to take this month to recognize and appreciate a few of the data heroes in our community who are going above and beyond to ensure data quality for the agencies they represent and for working in partnership with us to make HMIS more effective.

  • Adam Starker - Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
  • Lauren Bernstein - Volunteers of America Colorado
  • Alicia Thompson - The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
  • Robin Baker - Urban Peak
  • Laura Simpkins - The Family Tree


COHMIS Help Desk

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