This page has links to both new and renewal project applications in PDF format. Reviewers of new project applications, please scroll down the page to find the appropriate group of new applications. Thank you, NOFA committee!

Project Ranking Worksheet

Click here to download the draft project ranking worksheet (.xls spreadsheet) for the NOFA Committee meeting on Monday, 8/29 at 9am.

Renewal Project Applications

AUMHC - Aurora @ Home

Boulder County Housing Authority - Consolidated RRH

Boulder Housing Partners - Housing First PSH

Boulder Housing Partners - PSH at the Drive In

Boulder Housing Partners - Lee Hill

CCH - Consolidated RRH

CCH - Combined PSH

CCH - CO HMIS Metro Denver

CCH - Expanded CO HMIS

CCH - Ruth Goebel House

CCH - Metro Denver Chronic PSH

CCH - Renaissance 88 PSH

CCH - Lowry PSH

DDHS - Combined Housing First

DDHS - Anchor 2017

DDHS - Bedrock 2017

DDHS - Spectrum 2017

Del Norte - HAWC

Del Norte - Juan Diego

DOH - Metro Denver PSH Bonus

DOH - Metro 1 Consolidated PSH

DOH - Metro Denver Youth Bonus

Family Tree - Home at Last

Family Tree - Brookview/PCH

St. Francis - Cornerstone

VOA - Irving Street

VOA - Youth Transitions

Scoring Tool for New Project Applications

This tool is being used by Angela, ShehilaRae, Jennifer, Shelley, Lu, and Michelle to score the seven new project applications. Their scores will be shared during the ranking meeting on Monday, 8/28. One of those seven applications is an existing project that is voluntarily reallocating its funds to create a new Joint TH and PH-RRH project.

To access and print the scoring tool, click here. You will need to print out seven copies, one for each application.

New Project Applications

Here are the new project applications in PDF format:

Boulder Housing Partners

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless - PSH Expansion

Denver Department of Human Services

Crisis Center (Douglas County)

Family Tree

Jefferson County DHS

The Salvation Army 

CCH - HMIS Expansion (reallocation of 1% of all Tier 1 projects)