OneHome Accomplishments 2017

In 2017 OneHome accomplished the following...

Across the MDHI Continuum of Care in 2017, the OneHome coordinated entry system and team worked with partners to lease up:

32 Youth Households

26 Family Households

105 Non-Veteran Individual Households

526 Veteran Households

  • Built a website for communicating with MDHI stakeholders around coordinated entry
  • Launched a new database, Salesforce, for improving the process of housing placements and matching as an interim solution to the new HMIS database
  • Expanded resources from only CoC-funded projects to include other Federal, State and local projects
  • Partnered on a collaborative with domestic violence advocates to incorporate a survivor-friendly lens to coordinated entry
  • Provided mobile assessor capacity at over 15 unique locations across the Metro area in partnership with Mile High United Way 2-1-1.
  • Formalized an unaccompanied youth-specific focus through Volunteers of America Colorado as the Individual and Youth coordinating entity
  • Formalized a family focus through Colorado Coalition for the Homeless as the Family coordinating entity
  • Held community forums in Denver and Aurora to hear from people with lived experience of homelessness on coordinated entry and housing needs
  • Developed policies and procedures to comply with new key HUD requirements
  • Organized a recurring regional street outreach group to identify gaps and make recommendations for engaging unsheltered households in OneHome
  • Assembled a recurring homeless prevention affinity group to connect homeless prevention providers and offer a pathway to coordinating resources and data
  • Facilitated various training and capacity building opportunities for almost 1,000 attendees on topics like: Diversion, Rapid Rehousing, Community Organizing, Harm Reduction, Assertive Engagement, Progressive Engagement, Supportive Housing Best Practices, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, VI-SPDAT
  • Worked with technical assistance providers from Community Solutions, CSH, TAC, Focus Strategies, OrgCode, and ICF to evaluate and implement change ideas and process improvements
  • Gathered the Interfaith Summit on Homelessness and Housing Summit to convene faith leaders to address homelessness from a lens of justice
  • Arranged the OneHome Regional Governing Council (RGC) to provide guidance and recommendations on system improvements and regional access, while adding voting members with different perspectives


In 2018, with the support of community stakeholders, the OneHome team looks forward to…

  • Launching Salesforce across all populations, and the subsequent data quality
  • Planning for the development and structure of the new Clarity BitFocus HMIS system
  • Comparing OneHome data with HMIS entry data to ensure HUD compliance
  • Defining access points for clearer transparency of process for households in crisis and opportunities for diversion
  • Integrating Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) and VA Grant Per Diem (GPD) resources via coordinated entry
  • Incorporating at least 15% more non-CoC funded housing resources into OneHome to increase placements and opportunities for moderate vulnerability households
  • Sharing best practices and innovative ideas in trainings and workshops
  • Offering more web-based engagement for partners who are not based in Denver
  • Renewing the website with a fresh look and easier user interface
  • Expanding on the work that youth providers have accomplished in the Youth Bonus Project and beyond
  • Connecting family shelter providers to support families in crisis
  • Enhancing diversion and creative conversations to refer appropriate households for immediate resources
  • Creating common documentation related to verifying literal and chronic homelessness and digital validation
  • Listening to more voices of lived experience to design coordinated entry
  • Ensuring accessibility for marginalized groups intersecting with homelessness, including people of color, LGBTQ+, persons with a disability, and undocumented or refugee households
  • Simplifying the OneHome process map to help provide clarity for everyone and identify opportunities and implement changes that result in reduced housing placement timing

Last, and certainly not least, continuing the strong partnerships with our great community stakeholders across the 7 county CoC with the ultimate goal of building a homeless crisis response system that works for all people experiencing homelessness.