OrgCode: Assertive Engagement

Thanks to financial support from City of Aurora Homeless Programs, Denver’s Road Home and Volunteers of America Colorado, MDHI was able to again host Iain de Jong, President of OrgCode the week of August 28. Iain met with the OneHome leadership team to discuss coordinated entry system design, VI-SPDAT processes and thoughts on improving OneHome.

Iain held two trainings for over 160 community providers at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless’ Stout Street Health Center, in addition to trainings with Aurora homeless service providers.

Assertive Engagement covered a strategy for working with persons on changing harmful behaviors when motivational interviewing is not an option, and provided a framework for the theoretical and practical ways to make change.
Excellence in Housing Based Case Management reviewed the importance of keeping a focus on housing when so often case managers are asked to be all things to all people. OneHome has compiled OrgCode’s helpful documents for housing providers in a single location, available at

Our neighbors in Northern Colorado are hosting Iain at the end of September and have invited MDHI stakeholders and their affiliates to attend. Visit to register.

For more information on OrgCode’s trainings and leadership, visit

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