Peer Navigator Program

About the Peer Navigator Program:

MDHI’s Peer Navigator Program hires individuals with lived experience in homelessness to provide direct service to clients who may otherwise be reluctant to engage with service providers. These navigators establish a rapport with clients and connect individuals experiencing homelessness to housing, healthcare, employment, and other resources. A secondary goal of this program is to provide professional development opportunities to these navigators through supportive employment.



Agency Change: Work with homeless service providers to develop paid opportunities for individuals with lived homeless experience.

Systems Change: Work with health care and housing providers to increase access to housing and other resources.

Transformational Change: Support peer navigators to stabilize their lives, provide career development, and assist in securing more permanent career opportunities.


Current and Past Partner Agencies:

  • Bridge House
  • Our Center
  • Francis Center
  • The Gathering Place
  • Urban Peak
  • Volunteers of America Colorado
  • Catholic Charities
  • Regional Libraries
  • Metro Community Provider Network (MCPN)
  • The Action Center
  • H.O.P.E.


Project Outcomes:

In 2017, peer navigators assisted over 300 (unique) individuals experiencing homelessness with healthcare, housing, benefits, and other services. These peers helped clients with federal benefits (such as WIC, SNAP, SSI), housing, immediate needs, identification documents, legal issues, and accessing healthcare (such as mental health services, prescriptions, and doctor’s visits).


Current Openings:

No current openings