Summit on Racial Equity and Homeless Services

Please note: You are registering for a two-day event for October 17 and 18, 2019 - 9am - 4pm.

Greetings from Metro Denver Homeless Initiative,

The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI) places great value on racial equity, diversity and including the voices of persons with lived experience of homelessness to help us achieve our goal of ending homelessness in the Denver Metro area. Analysis from both our Equity and Accessibility Committee and the 2019 PIT data has confirmed that despite local poverty rates, communities of color are disproportionately over-represented among Metro Denver’s homeless population. Achieving racially equitable outcomes and undoing generations of oppressive systems requires us to recognize these racial inequities and orient our communities to discussing, analyzing and actively working to solve racial inequities experienced by populations over-represented in homelessness in our community.

We are inviting you to participate in a regional summit focused on ensuring racially equitable and accessible housing in the Denver Metro area.

Our goals are:

  • Analyzing race/racism’s role in how housing and service opportunities are distributed
  • Dismantling obstacles that perpetuate racial inequity
  • Enhancing and clarifying the language we use in written and spoken communication

All are welcome to participate in this training irrespective of membership in the MDHI Continuum of Care. We are supporting a broad, common sense definition of homeless for the purpose of this training in order to engage a larger slice from our community who are working to end homelessness. We strongly encourage organizations to include people with lived experience of homelessness as a part of the group they send to this training.

We will commence this work with a 2-day summit on October 17th and 18th, followed by a reconvening in February. National Innovation Service’s Marc Dones, will be leading our community in conversation and training to help us navigate and think through solutions to improving our community’s housing and homeless services. Marc is a national expert on the intersection of race and housing and homelessness (Please click on the link below for an example of their work):

While the summit is free, there is limited space and priority will be given to those who complete the survey: 

Please register by September 13th.