Rapid Re-Housing Written Standards Webinar

Join us for a Rapid Re-Housing Written Standards Webinar on Wednesday July 25th, 2018! RSVP HERE MDHI will host a webinar providing an overview of the new RRH Written Standards and how the standards affect existing Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) and Continuum of Care (CoC) funded RRH projects.

The webinar is open to anyone that is involved in administering a RRH program in the Metro Denver CoC. RRH program staff at all levels are encouraged to attend! The content will be based on RRH core components that apply to all RRH programs. It will not be tailored to your specific project requirements and target populations. MDHI is in the process of creating a “Rapid Re-Housing Self-Assessment” for providers to complete and submit to MDHI. It is our hope that multiple members of the RRH program staff at your organizations will take time to complete the survey. Please reach out to Jackie.Hernandez@mdhi.org for more information about July’s webinar or the RRH Self-Assessment. 

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