Resources Created by the Equity and Accessibility Committee

Racial Equity Resources 2020

The Equity and Accessibility Committee, on behalf of Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI), have put this resource document together to help support leadership, program managers and frontline staff throughout the Metro Denver CoC in implementing and understanding racially equitable practices and policies with the intention of ending homelessness. While the guide does not include any ‘how to documents’, it is a place of collected ideas and resources to help an organization’s interested parties begin to do the work of racial equity analysis and evaluation of existing policies.

The guide is separated by resource type, ranging from local training resources, to podcasts, movies and educational books and articles. These resources are linked in this document and may serve as catalysts to other ideas and innovative ways to implement new organizational practices. The lists of articles, books and documentaries included in this guide are not comprehensive but were meticulously selected by community members within the Denver Metro CoC because they played an integral role in advancing personal knowledge and understanding of the intersection of race and housing.

Some of the ways the Equity and Accessibility Committee envisioned the use of this resource guide include but are  not limited to the development of:

  • Book clubs

  • Workgroups (designed to address and specific program/organizational areas of opportunity)

- To reevaluate job requirements
- To reevaluate policies
- To reevaluate program eligibility requirements

  • Organizational EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Committee

  • Personal or professional growth

In addition to the listed resources in this guide, the Equity and Accessibility Committee is a virtual public meeting held quarterly. This task-oriented committee is focused on addressing challenges in our homeless crisis response system by evaluating available data through a racial equity lens. For more information about how to participate in the Equity and Accessibility Committee, please email [email protected]

Equitable Hiring Resources 2020

There are three separate resources listed on this document in no particular order. These resources may be used independently of one another or may be utilized as complementary documents. It is recommended that any organization utilizing this resource guide pick and choose from all available resources to create customized tools to be used and perfected throughout the organization.


Read more about our Equity and Accessibility Committee.