Samaritan House Renovation Plans

Catholic Charities of Denver is committed to serving those experiencing homelessness by restoring hope and dignity. With that, our responsibility includes upgrading Samaritan House shelter and its aging structure to provide a clean, safe, and functional environment.

We are embarking on a three-year project that includes renovating the family floor, kitchen, exterior grounds, updating the women’s emergency shelter, men’s and women’s dorms, dining area and offices, updating the patio area, recreation rooms, and the chapel and veteran’s facilities.

We recognize the growing need for shelter for families. Recent reports revealed that Colorado is the third leading state of unsheltered families, and our renovation’s first phase will add an additional four family rooms to help meet this need. The renovation will cause a temporary adjustment but will enable Samaritan House to better serve more families over the long-term. We are working with our community partners to minimize the impact during this phase of construction.

Currently, we’re diminishing the capacity by reducing the intake of families between now and April 1. On April 1, we will not accept new families seeking shelter in anticipation of construction in May. We will refer families to other community partners to ensure their safety during construction. The target project completion of the family floor is mid-September. Go to for updates on the renovation.

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