September 2018 HMIS Update

Important Update from the MDHI HMIS Team


Welcome to Our Newest HMIS Staff Additions 

Stacia Whisenant, Customer Service Tier 2

I’m Stacia (said like “Stay-sha”).  I grew up in Aurora, CO, but left in 2003 to explore other places.  I lived in Vegas for 10 years, San Diego for a year, and the Los Angeles area (Long Beach) for 4 years.  While in LA, I got into homeless services by chance (my MBA is in Marketing/Global Management, so it was very different from the path I thought I would take).  I was the matcher for CES for a year, then went to another agency as the Assistant Director of Evaluation and Compliance.  After a year in that position, I realized that days filled with endless policies and procedures did not fit my personality—I needed to be around people!  So, I accepted a position in our shelter in the middle of LA’s Skid Row area, where I was the Program Manager for the HOPWA team.  Working in a 98-bed shelter in this area definitely made me learn to think on my feet, and to remain calm during crisis situations (ok, well usually).  However, I realized that I wasn’t as happy as I’d like to be in LA, so I decided to return home, and here I am!

I love to travel, but haven’t done any overseas traveling in decades.  First on my list are Japan and South Korea.  In my free time—you’ll find me writing, drawing, missing the ocean, or watching movies (especially horror movies!)  My dream is to teach English in abroad when I retire.


April Johnson, Customer Service Tier 2       

Aloha! I'm April Johnson, transferring in from CCH where I served in the same role. It was truly a challenging 2 yrs there adapting to all that is HMIS amidst constant transitions in staff, vendor migrations and HUD standards changes. I'm truly grateful to CCH for my experience gained there and witnessing firsthand all of the wonderful work they do in the community. I come to MDHI with renewed vigor and determination to make HMIS a system that all agencies can benefit from through an improved, user-friendly platform and new reporting vehicles that will better serve them outside of simply meeting HUD reporting requirements. Confidence level is at an all time high knowing I work alongside and under the management of some real rockstars!

Before HMIS, I've worked the past 15+ years in web developer roles for big corporate outfits on down to small business and nonprofits developing/maintaining their e-commerce sites, customer management sites and online database tools.

To balance all of this "geek", I take great relish in my now 4 year passion pursuit of dance. At a local studio I'm a certified Hot Hula Fitness© instructor (think Zumba but with saucy hula moves). I also teach a more traditional Polynesian dance class as well. Lastly, I perform for hire doing many things from Brazilian samba to Bollywood and *of course* Polynesian.

I'm a mother of 2 adults (Anthony & Jazz), 2 kiddos (Kaela & Bam Bam), 2 cats (Bob & Marley) and a partridge in a pear tree (sorry, couldn't help myself). My cup runneth over but I love my complex, crazy life which I feel makes me perfect for this job! Look forward to working with you!

Jasmine Foster, Customer Service Tier 1     

Hi I’m Jas - I'm from Austin, Texas, where I worked in customer service and tech, but recently decided to bring my killer karaoke skeelz (and my dog Lilah) to Denver. Most recently I held a customer care position with StitchFix, where I helped to rebuild the company intranet, The Thread. I was also a part of the StitchFix Cares team where we would donate clothes to a homeless shelter. I also worked with a number of restaurants in the city that would allow me to bag up their left over food at night and I would take it downtown to the largest shelter in Austin. Working with MDHI marries my skills of customer service with my passion for bettering my community. I am fluent in Korean and enjoy exploring Korean culture and food. I'm obsessed with avocados and sloths, my lifelong dream to hug a sloth and feed it an avocado. Fun fact: giant sloths (the Lestodon) are the reason avocados are so widely spread today. My favorite shows are Sailor Moon and Doctor Who and I can often be found finding fun and quirky new tchotchkes to decorate with. Currently, I love exploring the city and finding new cool things to do.

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