Share Your Lived Experience

At MDHI, we don't just value the voices of people with lived experience - we prioritize them. We believe in elevating the voices of those with lived experience in order to create efficient and sustainable solutions to ending homelessness in the Metro Denver Region. For programs and policies to effectively serve community members experiencing homelessness, decisions must be informed and made by those who have interacted with the homeless crisis response system themselves. 

Learn more about how MDHI prioritizes the voices of lived experience through our Lived Experience Advisory Board and our Youth Action Board.

If you are someone with lived experience who would like to share your story or provide feedback about your experience with the homeless crisis response system, please submit the feedback form to the right. 

For those who would like MDHI to share their feedback through our newsfeed, type the words "I consent" after your response. You may include your first name if you'd like. We thank you for sharing your lived experience to improve Metro Denver's homeless crisis response.