Total project budget complications

We started on the spreadsheet and are not able to complete. I think you are asking for the “total project budget” but we don’t cost account down to the project level and even if we did I am not sure this gives data that is meaningful. For instance, our [PSH] program partners with Shelter Plus so we would not be including any rental assistance in the total project budget because we don’t know what that RA budget is. Also, we have grants (and people) and overhead that crosses programs and we can’t spend the time to cost allocate that for that at the project level.

We will be receiving the RA budgets from another source, but do need the services budgets that pair with the RA dollars. Agencies that have grants, people, and overhead that cross programs typically take their total budgets and split them proportionally by FTE. For people (or overhead) that support multiple projects, those are typically split amongst the number of projects they support. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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