Two Weeks Until HFPC 2018

Housing First Partners Conference - Pre-Conference: April 9; Conference: April 10-12, 2018

Attending the Housing First Partners Conference and want to learn from your local colleagues? MDHI has compiled a list of everyone who is presenting from the CoC-area to help support local leaders.

  • Pre-Conference Institutes: Denver’s Social Impact Bond Initiative
  • Workshop 107 - Housing First Plus: Integrating employment services in housing programs
  • Workshop 116 - Property management and service providers: Dynamic duos in PSH
  • Workshop 137 - Cultural Competency Amongst Providers: Navigating Social Privilege within Housing First
  • Workshop 151 – Nursing Role(s) within Housing First Teams: Promoting Community Integration
  • Workshop 202 – Denver HUD/VASH: Housing is the Door to Recovery
  • Workshop 226 – Participant Choice, Participant Empowerment: a panel discussion on the viability of self-directed programming
  • Workshop 239 – Community, Organized: Coalition Building for Housing First-oriented Systems
  • Workshop 245 – Beyond a Roof: Support and the Role of Community
  • Workshop 309 – Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in Housing First: Pushing the limits of Harm Reduction and Trauma Informed Care
  • Workshop 311 – Stabilization Case Management and Community Integration in a Housing First Model
  • Workshop 316 – Using Pay for Success Financing to Scale Housing First Programs

For a detailed list of all the workshops at the Housing First Partners Conference, please visit:

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