VA's Grant & Per Diem Program Changes

VA's Grant Per Diem (GPD) transitional housing program underwent a nationwide change to align with the CoC initiatives and USICH Federal Benchmarks and Criteria for Ending Veteran Homelessness.

For the first time in over a decade, GPD programs were required to resubmit applications under new program categories, Bridge Housing, Low Demand, Hospital to Housing, Clinical Treatment or Service Intensive models. Locally, MDHI and VA have been working to ensure there are adequate models and beds available for the needs of Veterans in the region, and that GPD programs have a focus towards housing in conjunction with SSVF providers and HUD-VASH resources. On September 13, VA and MDHI co-hosted a planning meeting with GPD providers on the proposed changes, the local efforts to end Veteran homelessness and the integration of GPD with the OneHome coordinated entry system. OneHome will disseminate more information to community providers on GPD changes in the coming months. For more about Grant Per Diem, click here.

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