Weekly Roundup 11.1.18

OneHome Partner's meeting; veteran's stand down, project homeless connect, rapid rehousing works, and job and training opportunities

OneHome Community Partners Meeting – November 13th

OneHome is hosting a community partners meeting, facilitated by Focus Strategies, on the morning of November 13th at the Clayton Early Learning Center. The OneHome Community Partners Meeting will be an opportunity for our community to come together to review HUD’s expectations of Coordinated Entry, look back at what we have accomplished so far, and discuss ways we can work together to improve OneHome.

We would like to have a good mix of staff attend the meeting from executive directors to outreach workers; in particular, we would like to have any staff who are currently working within OneHome (outreach, housing providers, day shelters, etc.) so they can share their expertise with the group.

RSVP here

Veteran’s Stand Down is November 8th

Project Homeless Connect is November 15th

Rapid Re-Housing Works

In a blog on the Nation Alliance to End Homeless, the rapid re-housing intervention is discussed, including the new paper released by Urban Institute that pulls together the evidence for rapid re-housing.

“Over the past several years, rapid re-housing has become the primary tool to help people experiencing homelessness reconnect to permanent housing… Much of the existing research on rapid re-housing has focused on the individual level impacts of rapid re-housing: Do people who receive rapid re-housing reconnect to permanent housing and have shorter homeless episodes? (They do.) Do they simply return to shelter as soon as the short-term financial assistance ends? (They do not.) Are outcomes for people who receive rapid re-housing worse than those who receive long-term transitional housing? (They are not.)

Read the blog from NAEH

Employment opportunities

MDHI is seeking a dynamic, collaborative, and visionary leader to serve as the Executive Director of MDHI. See the position description here.

The Delores Project – Lead Housing Advocate

Mental Health Partners – Housing Case Manager

Mental Health Partners – Housing Specialist

Training opportunities

On October 10, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a proposed rule that would make it more likely for certain immigrants to be denied admission to the U.S. or denied green cards because they receive or would receive lifeline benefits, including public housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, and project-based Section 8 housing subsidies. Read the Fact Sheet here. Sign up to watch the webinar on November 8th from the National Housing Law Project -  What Housing and Homelessness Advocates Should Know about the Public Charge Rule.


The National Healthcare for the Homeless Council recently partnered with the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership on a fact sheet describing the common social and legal needs affecting the health of individuals without homes and how integrated legal services can help meet those needs. Social factors such as unstable housing and unemployment can trap individuals in homelessness and lead to cascading health problems, and providers can benefit from legal expertise to help clients navigate problems beyond their clinic’s doors. Drawing on data from a study in Connecticut and New York, this resource highlights the housing and health benefits of medical-legal partnership services for homeless populations, especially veterans without homes. Read the paper.

Check out the NAEH Youth Rapid ReHousing Toolkit

CSH has put together a toolkit regarding Unsheltered Homelessness

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Colorado State HMIS Collaborative - November 2nd - Mile High United Way

OneHome Youth Meeting - November 2nd - Urban Peak Denver

OneHome Regional Governance Council - November 6th - Mile High United Way

MDHI Board of Director's Meeting - November 8th - Mile High United Way

Veteran's Stand Down Event - November 8th - The Colorado National Armory 

OneHome Community Partner's Meeting - November 13th - Clayton Early Learning center

OneHome Family meeting - November 13th - Mile High Unite Way

Equity and Accessibility workgroup - November 14th - Mile High United Way - MDHI office

Project Homeless Connect – November 15th – Convention Center

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