Weekly Roundup 2.13.20

PIT Thank you! Denver Safety Summit, Welcome VISTAs, Training and Employment opportunities, and the latest from HUD and DOH

Thank You for Supporting the Point in Time!

Over 600 volunteers and countless service providers and agencies participated in Everyone Counts Metro Denver’s Point in Time survey on January 27th – 28th. This would not have been possible without every single one of you and your agencies, Thank You! This region-wide effort reached out to those experiencing homelessness in our community and gather much-needed data on the scope of homelessness in our area.

It also provided an opportunity for increased awareness, and for local citizens and volunteers to connect with their unhoused neighbors, to learn and gain perspective, and share in meals at magnet events across the region, and share other needed items while surveying such as bus tickets, handwarmers, hygiene, and winter weather gear. Special Thanks to our larger donors: Home-Aid, Bombas, Sock it to Em, Mile High United Way, Turtle Fur, Printfection, 4Imprint and the many individuals who directly contributed!

MDHI will be working through the data in the coming months! Please reach out to PIT@mdhi.org with any feedback or suggestions on your experience with the PIT process personally or at your agency – we’d love to hear from you!

View the 2019 PIT data in our MDHI Tableau, and view past reports here.

Welcome MDHI’s VISTAs

We’d like to introduce the MDHI VISTAs, Layla Said and Alex Rigberg. They both started their year of service in November 2019. They work with our Directors to build capacity and support for MDHI’s Council and Committee structure in order to maximize the efficiency of Metro Denver’s regional crisis response system. Get to know Alex and Layla!

If your agency is interested in learning more about having a VISTA member complete a year of service working on capacity building projects, reach out to - Diane.Howald@mdhi.org.

Permanent Housing COHMIS Training

MDHI is hosting an in-depth training for CoC partners with Permanent Housing projects on March 4th. The training will focus on workflow & data collection requirements associated with all Permanent Housing projects (Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, and Other Permanent Housing) as well as Question and Answer opportunities.

Read more and register for the training here.

Denver’s Anti-Extremism and Safety Summit

Denver's Mayor and the VA are hosting a forum to engage and prepare Denver's faith-based and nonprofit communities on current public safety issues. Topics include: safety preparedness, crime prevention through environmental design, and community awareness.

Easter Seals Colorado is Offering SSI/SSDI Application Assistance

Disability Benefits Services (DBS) program at Easter Seals Colorado is once again offering Social Security disability (SSI/SSDI) application assistance. They are committed to offering quality assistance to help mitigate the effects of disabling conditions on fellow Coloradans.  In line with this philosophy, they offer employment services while assisting with SSI/SSDI.  They also offer comprehensive benefits counseling for individuals who are receiving SSI/SSDI and are interested in working. Learn more about their programs and find the referral forms here.

From Our Partners at the Division of Housing

DOH's Office of Regulatory Oversight is connecting with stakeholders through a series of public meetings as part of the Mobile Home Park Oversight Program. The Program supports better communication and promotes mutual understanding between mobile home park landlords and mobile homeowners, by providing an equitable, less costly, and more efficient way for landlords and homeowners to resolve disputes. Seven recorded public meetings have taken place in Colorado communities since September 2019. Additional meetings are scheduled for Fort Collins (2/10), Thornton (2/18), Golden (2/22), & Denver (2/26). View more information here.

In 2019, the Colorado Legislature passed and the Governor signed House Bill 19-1319 requiring each state agency and state institution of higher education to submit a list of all nondeveloped land owned by or under control of the agency or institution. The purpose of this inventory is to identify land that could potentially be developed for affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households, either on a for-sale or rental basis. View the inventory list and more information here.

Latest from HUD

Influenza (flu) continues to be a serious threat for those living in sheltered and unsheltered situations. Access National Healthcare for the Homeless Council’s resources on influenza. HUD is also available to provide technical assistance to our homeless assistance providers who need support in preventing or responding to the spread of infectious disease. Submit a technical assistance request to HUD.

HUD's Office of Housing Counseling is offering a webinar on the process and best practices for becoming a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. This webinar is intended for prospective housing counseling agencies and other nonprofit and local government service providers interested in complying with HUD certified housing counselor requirements effective August 1, 2020. Register Here.

Moving On enables individuals and families who are able and want to move on from permanent supportive housing (PSH) to do so by providing them with sustainable, affordable housing options through mainstream systems, including Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers. HUD is pleased to announce the release of a new resource to help support the development of Moving On initiatives, the Public Housing Agency (PHA) Moving On: How-To Guide.

Employment Opportunities

MDHI - Full Charge Bookkeeper

VOA Irving Street Women’s Residence – Case Manager

The Salvation Army – Housing Navigator

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Community Design Team - February 20th - Aurora Housing Authority

Point in Time Committee - February 24th - Mile High United Way

Youth Action Board Meeting - February 26th - Denver Public Library

MDHI Employment Committee - February 28th - Mile High United Way

MDHI Coordinating Committee - February 28th - Mile High United Way

Safe Parking Meeting - February 28th - Mile High United Way

Permanent Housing HMIS Training – March 4th - Mile High United Way

MDHI Board of Directors Meeting - March 12th - Mile High United Way

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