What's next for ESG and Rapid Re-Housing?

Over the last several months, MDHI and our Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) partners have been meeting to discuss important program changes. We will integrate ESG resources with OneHome and implement the CoC’s new Rapid Re-Housing Standards throughout the remainder of the year.

MDHI, City of Aurora, and Denver Department of Human Services receive ESG Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing funds and contract with homeless service providers throughout our community. On April 17, 2018, MDHI convened a group of new and existing ESG Rapid Re-Housing providers to discuss the OneHome process and how these housing resources fit into the OneHome system. In the coming weeks, each ESG sub-recipient with RRH funding will have a staff person trained to enter program vacancies into OneHome’s Salesforce system.  Here are the slides from the presentation: OneHome/ESG Workshop.

We are also excited to announce that Metro Denver CoC’s Rapid Re-Housing Written Standards have been submitted to the MDHI Board of Directors in draft form, and will go to the board for approval in May. We appreciate all of you who provided comments, questions, attended office hours, etc. Once the standards are approved, we will work with CoC and ESG Rapid Re-Housing programs to support them as they align their current policies and procedures with the written standards. We will offer additional training opportunities related to the CoC’s Written Standards and Rapid Re-Housing. Stay tuned!

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