Winter 2017 Stakeholder Meeting Summary

The semi-annual meeting of the MDHI Continuum of Care (CoC) was held on Friday, December 8, in the beautiful city of Aurora. Topics included: updating the CoC governance charter, discussing current CoC priorities and initiatives, and networking with awesome people who work to end homelessness every day.

Updates to the MDHI Bylaws and Governance Charter:

Updates to the mission, vision, and values were recently presented to the community at the Winter 2017 Stakeholder Meeting. These changes were presented at the December MDHI Board Meeting and approved for incorporation into the organizational bylaws. The MDHI Governance Charter will remain unchanged until Spring 2018 and proposed changes will be posted prior to the Spring 2018 Stakeholder meeting.

Mission: Leading and advancing collaboration to end homelessness in our region.

Vision: Dedicated to everyone in the metro region having a safe, stable place to call home.

Values: Committed to these core values that bring people home.

  • Inclusive. Honoring the dignity of people with personal experiences of homelessness as
    partners in identifying solutions to homelessness
  • Collaborative. Harnessing the power of collaboration to achieve systemic solutions to
  • Innovative. Fostering flexible and creative responses to the complexity of homelessness
  • Informed. Using data to address inequity, guide decision making, allocate resources, and
    improve accountability
  • Bold. Providing courageous leadership that honors our commitment to end homelessness

Stakeholder Presentation and Feedback Summary:

During the Winter 2017 Stakeholder Meeting, guests were invited to provide feedback in several key areas. We received stakeholder input on the following:

  • We cannot have an effective crisis response system without (blank)
  • What is a major gap or system process we can improve in 2018?
  • Three words that describe an effective CoC?
  • What can you commit to doing in (your role) to contribute to the systematic response to ending homelessness?
  • What is an important lesson learned in 2017?

We received this feedback.

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