Point in Time Reports

Please visit MDHI's Point in Time website, EveryoneCounts.mdhi.org, for more PIT information.

The Point in Time report summarizes the data findings, methodology and community planning, and execution processes for the count held on January, 28th, 2019. Please direct all inquiries to PIT@mdhi.org. Thank you!


2019 Point in Time Report


2019 Housing Inventory Count Report

  • This report provides detailed information on the number of beds available and the number of beds filled, as reported for the evening of the Point in Time count. This includes emergency shelter, safe haven, transitional housing, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing, and other permanent housing.

2018 Point in Time Report

County Specific data tables (2018):


2017 Point in Time Report

County-specific data tables (2017):

2016 Point-in-Time Report

Framing the 2016 Point in Time data 

2016 Point-in-Time Key Findings Overview

County-specific data tables (2016):

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