Point in Time (PIT) Count & Survey

For updates on the 2021 PIT process, please see MDHI's PIT 2021 Plan page. 

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The 2020 PIT Reports & Data Dashboards are now available. 

About the Annual Point in Time (PIT) Count and Survey

What is it? The Point in Time Count is an unduplicated count of people experiencing literal homelessness on a single night in January. HUD defines literal homelessness as living in places not meant for habitation, shelter, and some transitional housing programs. Persons at risk of becoming homeless (such as those staying with friends/family or paying to stay in a motel) are not included in this count.

Why is it done? While helping to determine the scope of homelessness, the PIT raises public awareness, promotes collaboration across seven counties, provides needed data, and helps us apply for increased housing funds.

How is it done? Metro Denver Homeless Initiative coordinates the efforts and coverage across the 7-county region, with coordinators from each area and additional supports from service agencies. During the count night, trained volunteers and staff interview individuals, youth, and families experiencing homelessness using a standardized survey form. Survey results are supplemented with available transitional housing data from the Homeless Management Information System.